About MY Shop

My name is Morgan and this is Thunder and Lightning my vintage and all things new and awesome shop.

Ever since I was little I have had an obsession with clothes, but it has never been in a "slave to the trends" way, alternative and subculture street fashion has always fascinated me. I studied art, textiles and fashion design and have always made clothes for myself or upcycled old clothes into something more exciting, as well as spending hours rummaging through draughty vintage warehouses. 

My other great love is the awesome talented alternative fashion and accessories brands that this country produces and have again spent many years searching markets and the internet for them so I can bring as many of them as I can together in one place. Who wants to dress like every other person you see shopping in high street uber brands, not me that's for sure! My taste is pretty kitsch, cute but edgy and alternative and referencing vintage trends. I like to mix up vintage with new, ethical and sustainable brands to create a whole new look!

From all of this and my great love of SE London but not having anything much other than high street shops and the odd fancy indie boutique to shop in Thunder & Lightning was born. It's a mash up of all my favourite things, kistchy, alternative UK Brands, Vintage clothes, Art Prints, Sparkly accessories and knitted or sewn bits and pieces of my own creation!

You can purchase items online or if you would rather come play dress up with me in person you can head on down to the store in SE London.

Place / Ladywell - 261 Lewisham High Street LONDON SE13 6AY

Place / Ladywell - 261 Lewisham High Street LONDON SE13 6AY