Feel the Love

For several years now Valentine's day has meant a great deal to me, it's got nothing to do with teddies holding hearts and cheesy cards but it's the anniversary of the first offical date myself and my now husband went on. It was just a coincidence it happened to be at this time of year!

On paper it was a bit of disaster, we went to a gig in Brick Lane at 93 Feet East. The band was a bit rubbish, John went to the toilets and was doused in the most awful aftershave by the bathroom attendee (the scent could be used as a kind of chemical warfare it was so strong and potent!). We escaped only for me in some rediculous high shoes to completely stack it on the cobbles of Brick Lane rip the knee of my jeans out and cut my knee really quite badly! Despite all this rediculousness were both still so into each other we powered through and 7 years later we are still here and married to boot!

In honour of this heart filled time of year here are my heart shaped picks from the shop

Love U Sheer Tee £24

Glitter Heart Necklace by Nic Love (also available in Red) £20

Alexa Gingham Tunic by Krissyfied Boutique £40

Glitter Heart Earrings by Nic Love £12 (also in blue)

And for you anti-valentines peeps out theres the heart breaker sweat from Syd & Mallory £34