In particular calling all you staff and students local to the shop in South East London..... even more specifically you lot at Goldsmiths and Lewisham & Southwark College. You guys are great and I know how tough it can be being a student, I did it what seems like an age ago (10 years! ARGH it can't be that long??!) and came up with some marvellous ways to live on the cheap. There's the infamous pasta sauce made from a cuppa soup sachet and the quest for the cheapest bottle of red wine in ASDA (FYI it was £2.99 i think and tasted like Ribena!) ...anyway just because you're trying to live on a budget there's no reason you can't look awesome so all students (and staff!) get a 10% discount on the website and also instore.

Just flash you student/staff ID to me when you pay or drop me an message on morgan@thunderandlightningshop.com or on any of the social medias to get your discount code for the website.

For those of you at LSCollege check out the posters the lovely Sonia has put up with the code and if you are at Goldsmiths please check out the Fashion section of Smiths for an interview with me and more details!