International Women's Day Fashion Show at PLACE / Ladywell Market THE PICTURES!

As I posted a little while ago myself and the other fantastic women independent retailer's we in the midst of preparing for a fashion show showcasing all we had to offer. Well the day came and e still felt wholly in prepared but with some prosecco fuelled last-minute organising we managed to pull it off with and almost professional appearance! 

We had a great turnout and the mood we electric and exciting an full of energy and a great sense of community! There was a really unusual mix of vintage and new pieces as well as a dusting of magnificent bright African print fabrics. We had models of all shapes, sizes ages and ethnicities....It was a great showcase for Place / Ladywell and the diverse inhabitants of this area of SE London

Here's a selection of images from the show showing all the different retailer's wonderful items!

Thanks to everyone involved!

Samantha Halyey for photography, The Fox & Firkin Pub for refreshments and the use of their PA, Rushey Green Time Bank for the use of their space, Snip'in hairdressers for some of the models hair and all the models and helpers who spared their time.